Be Prepared to Handle Any Debt Collector

This debt collector and commentator have good advice on the less scary reality of debt collection. (BTW– In the U.S. no one can be jailed for debt.)

The first time you get a call from a debt collector about unpaid credit card debt you will probably be “ambushed.”  The call will come unexpectedly. The debt collector calling will get you to admit to the debt before you realize what you are doing. He or she will take control of the call and put you on the defensive. They will try to get you to pay something immediately by getting you to give them your checking account number and routing information. Never, EVER, give that information to a debt collector.

There is really only one reason why this will happen. It is because you will let it happen. Here is how to prevent this from happening as you work To eliminate credit card debt.

When answering a debt collector’s phone call first dispute and deny (“I do not know what you are talking about.”), do not admit to owing whatever debt they claim you owe.

This is not a reflection on your character, it is simply a legal strategy to get the debt collector to prove you owe the debt. As you read more of my content you will learn why credit card banks, debt collectors and collection attorneys have difficulty documenting the credit card debt in a consumer’s name.

Tell the caller you do not discuss your personal financial affairs over the telephone to people unknown to you. They could be anyone other than who they claim to be. (“I do not discuss my personal finances over the telephone with strangers.”)

You need to realize this debt collector calling is not sitting at a desk with a thick file that has your name on it opened in front of him. Rather, he is sitting in a cubicle in front of a computer screen with headphones on. Your number has come up on an automatic dialer that calls you and minimal information about you has just appeared on his computer screen. He knows nothing about you. He is following a script he reads to every consumer he calls.

Tell the caller to communicate with you in writing about any alleged debt and to provide documents proving you owe this alleged debt. Then, hang up.

And now you need to realize this is just the tip of the iceberg, as far as your unpaid credit card debt is concerned.

It is only a short-term fix. In order for you to succeed with a non-payment strategy, you MUST educate yourself. You need to have the necessary background information to understand why what I tell you to do works. These postings have that information. Read them and refer the information to your situation.

Debt collectors are capable seriously abusing consumers who owe.  They violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Some even break the law.

If you follow the path of non-payment of credit card debt you cannot afford to pay, as I did, you could benefit from what I learned successfully avoiding $63,000 in credit card debt.  Read my ebooks.


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      The letters are part of my ebook package. If you do not understand the reasoning behind their content, then you just fall prey to the first debt collector who lies to you.

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