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Mel Thompson - Credit Card Debt Specialist

Mel Thompson

The goal of my website is to give you a practical way out of credit card debt(s) you have no hope of paying. 

I am a real alternative to expensive debt settlement and other scams that can cost you dearly.

To prove my legitimacy, I offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

You can email me at info (at)

Mel Thompson

info (at)creditsabre (dot)com


17 Westbrook Rd., Worcester, MA 01602

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  1. Lori says

    I don’t see links for the videos. Downloaded books and letter just fine.
    Please advise.
    Order # ALHWMNJQ

  2. Amy Cramer says

    Can I order the ebooks first, then the support after I’ve read through the materials and formulate my questions?

  3. Df says

    Hi. I just stopped paying on over 150k in credit cards and personal loans. Had no idea that I would ever become disabled and on ssdi. I have always worked and paid my Bill’s. I really want to purchase your product if it can really help me. I know I am collection proof. Dont own a single asset. Just trying to make the decision.

  4. Samuel Vetromile says

    Should i close a credit card account i am going to do a charge off or should i just stop paying?

  5. Samuel Vetromile says

    If i cannot pay the debt then i should just stop paying and then the debt would be changed off.I would then dispute this on my credit report and could be removed?

      • says

        You cannot get the original creditor off of your credit report, but you can remove any debt collector who is collecting for the original creditor by invoking the FDCPA
        You have the right to have the collector cease all collection activity, which includes negative listings on your credit report. One of my ebooks shows you how to do that.

  6. Bonnie says

    Hi Mel . I absolutely want to work with you but right now I only have telephone access to internet so trying to read material is too hard . I can pay for it but want a full screen to study. Only question should I answer the phone with the banks call? I’m 65 boy I didn’t forsee my business getting so tuff for me my income had dropped about 1/3 at least. Best BonnieJensen

    • says

      Answer, tell them you cannot pay, do not admit to anything and hang-up.
      Also, tell the caller that you do not discuss your personal financial affairs over the telephone with strangers.
      You have no way of knowing they are actually with the bank.

  7. Jules says

    Hi Mel,

    I am collecting Social Security and just received a court summons for a Sears Credit Card in the amount of $8500 after all of the interest they tacked on at 29.99%. Court date is Feb 10.

    Husband is still working – marital property state (WI)

    We are selling our home this coming summer and intend to pay debt once that happens. How do you suggest I handle the court summons for this credit card debt? Thank you for your help.

  8. Samuel says

    Mel, I used a letter to ask for validation of a $95.00 collection but they ignored and still placed it on my credit report as being charged off and I sent a certified letter asking them to verify and not to place a negative remark. Two things I want to ask of you. 1) ARe they in violation of FCRPA (?). 2) what does CMRRR mean? I saw that on the letter you suggested but did not know what it was. I didn’t send a CMRRR. Thank you for your info. 3) I have several charged off accounts on my credit now. HOw and what should I do.

    • says

      CMRRR means certified mail return receipt requested. If you read my books, in them I explain that the FTC issued a letter about 15 years ago that includes negative listings on credit reports as collection activities, which ARE covered by the FDCPA.

  9. says

    I’m pretty sure you misspelled the word “desolve” on your site. You might want to check out a site like or which have helped me with problems like this in the past.

  10. says

    How Do I get collections off my report with statute of limitations below is the info by them.


    Date reported

    Date assigned


    Status date

    Balance date

  11. joe west says

    Mel thanks for all the advice. what about unsecured loans ? Is it a different approach than dealing with credit card debt ?

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