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Mel Thompson - Credit Card Debt Specialist

Mel Thompson

The goal of my website is to give you a practical way out of credit card debt(s) you have no hope of paying. 

I am a real alternative to expensive debt settlement and other scams that can cost you dearly.

To prove my legitimacy, I offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

You can email me at info (at)

Mel Thompson

info (at)creditsabre (dot)com


17 Westbrook Rd., Worcester, MA 01602

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  1. Lori says

    I don’t see links for the videos. Downloaded books and letter just fine.
    Please advise.
    Order # ALHWMNJQ

  2. Amy Cramer says

    Can I order the ebooks first, then the support after I’ve read through the materials and formulate my questions?

  3. Df says

    Hi. I just stopped paying on over 150k in credit cards and personal loans. Had no idea that I would ever become disabled and on ssdi. I have always worked and paid my Bill’s. I really want to purchase your product if it can really help me. I know I am collection proof. Dont own a single asset. Just trying to make the decision.

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