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"Are You Incapable of Paying Your Credit Card Debt? You Are Probably Feeling Vulnerable, Overwhelmed, And Helpless Right Now!"

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Mel Thompson

And, you are probably too embarrassed to discuss this problem with those you trust.

I know how you feel. I have been there. I have experienced those paralyzing emotions. I had $63,000 in credit card debt I could not afford to pay.

But, I found a way out. I learned how to legally avoid paying that $63,000 in credit card debt I was incapable of paying.

I can show you how to confidently deal with banks, debt collectors and collections attorneys and leave your debt worries behind you.

Let me ask you 5 simple questions.
Please think carefully before you answer.

      1. Are you distressed because medical bills, loved ones?’ debts, a divorce, or another financial catastrophe are putting you so far into credit card debt that you know you cannot repay it?
      2. Are you incapacitated by your inability to make minimum month credit card payments, or are you anxious that that time may soon arrive?
      3. Do you have misgivings about the simple act of opening your mail everyday?
      4. Has your heavy debt made you feel helpless and indecisive?
      5. Do you panic at the prospect of bankruptcy or of being sued for your overdue debt?

If your answer to most of the above questions is ‘yes’ then you are not alone. I have been there! And, I have personally spoken to many people who cannot afford to pay what they owe. Over the past decade I have avoided paying over $63,000 in credit debt without filing for bankruptcy or settling with anyone. That is not an accomplishment I am proud of. Rather, I share this fact to establish my credibility for providing a practical, low cost solution to your credit card debt problem. But, I am proud of the fact that I did not allow debt collectors or debt relief sales people to take advantage of my vulnerability.

“My Own Story”

After being self-employed for 20 years, my business started to go through a bad time. But, I still paid my bills and continued to make hefty child support payments from a recent divorce. I did that by amassing more and more credit card debt. It got to the point where I was using the rest of my credit card credit limits to make minimum monthly payments on several credit card debts. At that time I felt helpless, guilty and hopeless about my financial future.

Finally when I knew I was only a few months away from exhausting my credit limits and from being unable to make any payments at all, I looked into bankruptcy to avoid eventually being sued for those debts. However, for technical reasons related to my divorce the Homestead Act would not protect my share of home equity during bankruptcy. Lucky me! As I learned later, I should never have been considering bankruptcy as the first solution to my debt problem. So at that point I began researching how to proceed with not paying my unsecured credit card debts. I still feared being sued for non-payment, I looked into debt settlement, consolidation, negotiation, etc. But all those services were too expensive and all wanted to be paid up front. I also looked into the debt elimination schemes advertised on the Web. They too wanted big money up front. I spoke to attorneys. At that time they all advised bankruptcy.

Over the years, being self-employed, I had been “stiffed” a few times, and knew there was little that I could do to recover an unsecured debt. I knew bad debts are a part of doing business. So with no other apparent options available to me, I stopped making all my monthly minimum payments.

For the next six months I was harassed by debt collectors. Including what I considered to be half-hearted letters and phone calls from the credit card banks trying to get me to start paying again. I even received one unsolicited offer from a bank to settle for 25 percent of one balance, but I did not have the money.

I continued my on-line research and participation in debt forums in preparation for the next phase of collections. As a result of what I’d learned, I later ignored phone calls from debt collectors, but I responded to all written communications CMRRR, carefully keeping records.

Along the way, I must admit I made mistakes, like naively talking on the phone to debt collectors. They made me feel bad and played on my guilt as a debtor. They attempted to get me to admit to the debt. They told me their stomach-churning lies about the court summons being in the mail, and that NOW was my last chance to settle.

Over the ensuing months as my debts passed from junk debt buyer to junk debt buyer and from collector to attorney, I responded with my carefully crafted deny-dispute-demand documentation letter. The frequency of the calls and debt collection notices began to drop off as time passed.

I began to work on restoring my credit rating. Two and half years after my decision to stop paying my debts, my credit was good enough to get a new car loan at a reasonable interest rate.

I continued to get the occasional collection communication, and I diligently responded to each to avoid problems. The statutes of limitations on the debts have now expired. I have not paid anything to anyone since I disputed and stopped paying my credit card debts.

“Here are some things to avoid when you have
credit card debt you cannot afford to pay." 

"Why Should You Listen To Me?"

I have learned a lot about the reality of the debt collection industry. I gained a lot of knowledge and confidence from the online debt information resources I found. That learning process would have been a lot easier if I had the information in my Credit Card Debt Survival Guide materials to start with, rather than struggling through the on-line debt forums and numerous debt relief and debt elimination scams, learning the long, hard way, not knowing what to believe and making risky mistakes in the process.

What I offer is my experience with and knowledge of the many pitfalls of the debt collection and the debt relief industries. If you are willing to handle this situation yourself because you realize you cannot trust anyone else to do it for you, then I can show you how to educate yourself, take control of your debt problem and solve it.

"What's In This Material?"

You will find a plan of action you can follow with confidence and security. If you cannot afford to pay, then you cannot escape the logic that this is the best solution for you — to stop making minimum monthly payments and redirect your credit card debt payments to cover more essential bills or save for future emergencies.

You can see how I fought against debt collectors and collection attorneys and won! Plus, I will share with you my additional experience gained from helping many people just like you. As a result of that help, they are able to live normal lives again and not worry about making necessary purchases.

I give you numerous links to credible forums and information websites so you can draw the same conclusions I did about the quality of their information. Do not stop making payments because I am advising you to. Do it because you independently verify that it is the right thing for you to do.

I have broken my Credit Card Debt Survival information into three digestible eBook PDFs totaling over eighty 8.5’ X 11’ manuscript pages for easy printing. Each one has all the detail you will need or want. The letters to be sent to debt collectors can be quickly selected, copied and customized to your name, address, and debts. Here are the titles:

10 Steps to Not Paying Your Unaffordable Credit Card Debt

5 Ways to Defeat Debt Collectors in 90 Days and Prevent Lawsuit

How to Confidently Handle a Credit Card Lawsuit When the Debt Is Yours


I first put this information together in 2009. Since then I have been frequently adding, editing and judiciously cutting information to make it as up-to-date and as easy as possible for you to digest and retain the information you need to be successful.

1. Why debt consolidation or debt settlement can     be one of the worst decisions you make.

2. Why you should ignore most debt relief sales       pitches.

3. How to reach the intelligent decision that you       simply cannot afford to pay and how to                 emotionally come to terms with the fact that         non-payment is your best option.

4. How you can walk away from your unsecured       debt without making another payment starting     today!

5. How you can quickly see that all debts aren’t       created equal. This will give you a clear                 understanding of which ones you should pay         first and why.

6. The three most important things you must           do first. The worst that can happen and how to     prepare for it. So you banish your worst               nightmares and have confidence in what you       are doing each step of the way.

7. How a simple letter can cause debt collectors       and collection attorneys to spend their time         pursuing consumers less sophisticated than         you.

8. How credit card companies think and work,           and how they will treat your overdue                     payments.

9. How to repair your credit by getting debt             collectors off your credit report.

10. Plus, you get complete “glossary” of the              words and phrases used in bankruptcy and          debt consolidation game – which means you’ll      understand more about the process.

All of this for $47 dollars.

Make no mistake, this information has been carved from my own experiences of going through a serious debt crisis of my own. I will not give you b***sh** advice or offer you useless bonuses to try to lure you into buying.

“Who Is This Not Suitable For?”

“Who Is This Suitable For?”

“What Are The Main Benefits
After Reading My Book?”

“What Are The Outcomes
If You Don’t Read My Book?”

“What Makes My Offers Different?”

Debt counseling’s budgeting and prioritizing of bills will not work if you cannot pay.

If you cannot pay, then debt settlement, negotiation, management or consolidation will not work for you.

You are wary of being manipulated and ripped off by “experts” selling high-fee debt relief solutions.

On the other hand, I am not a big enterprise with high overhead and the need to make a big commission. I am a small outfit, who charges an affordable fee compared to the $1000’s you can pay for so-called “professional” debt relief help.

In addition, I offer you the freedom and assurance of a 60-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee that is handled independently by a third party who enforces it. I have nothing to gain if you are unhappy with the product.

Unlike many of those in the debt industry, I have experienced my own credit card debt crisis. I know what it is like to feel helpless and hopeless. I know the guilt associated with non-payment and the (initial at least) stress dealing with debt collectors, as well as the worry about everyday expenditures.

Thankfully, I also have the experience of successfully walking away from over $63,000 of debt I could not afford to pay. I know the pitfalls and the ways of increasing your chances of winning and of escaping your unsecured credit card debt.

In Summary

Yes, there are other options to buying my $47 information package. A lot of them will end up costing you thousands of dollars in up-front fees or payments schemes that can prolong your financial pain for years and years. To sell this book, I will not guarantee that you will win, but you probably have already concluded that I offer you the best fighting chance! Once you know what I know, once you read my book, you will look back on this decision as a no-brainer.

60 Day No Questions Asked
100% Money Back Guarantee

This is a risk-free 60-day money back guarantee offer. This is an unconditional money back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied, you can get your money back-no questions asked!

Do you want to live for years more in the gloom of this financial predicament? Or, end up paying thousands of dollars of unnecessary fees to unscrupulous debt settlement or debt consolidation firms who only care about their commissions? Do you wish to continue to worry about everyday expenditures and continue to feel helpless? Or do you want to fight back with confidence and take back control of your finances?

Think of your decision to use my information as me giving you the tools to handle this do-it-yourself debt project. Think of that as a part time job. How much debt do you owe? That is how much money your part-time job will pay you. Is this decision worth those thousands of dollars?

The choice is yours. The decision you make now will likely alter the course of your financial future.

Click the link below now and get immediate access to the information that will ?give ?you the ??best ??fighting chance of winning. You will be glad you did.

Thank you,

Mel Thompson

P.S. The time to act is now. You are reading this because you NEED to act NOW. Take control of your life and put the this nightmare behind you. Stop debt collectors from harassing you. Give yourself the best fighting chance of walking away from your debts. I can only help you, if you get started soon.

P.P.S. And remember, I have a 60 day full refund, no-questions-?asked ?money back guarantee because I know I can help you!

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