How Credit Repair Can Work if You Stop Paying Your Credit Card Debt

If you are late with your credit card debt payments and therefore worried about your credit score, you should first check your credit scores with the three major credit reporting agencies. You will be able to identify the negative marks against you, as well as any inaccurate information that is negatively impacting your credit score. You can subscribe to one of the available monthly services program which only cost $10-15 month to regularly track your credit.

credit repair servicesNext be sure to “opt-out” of any sale of your name by the credit reporting agencies to marketers.  This also removes you from the eyes of scam debt collectors and keeps your credit information more private. Then you should pay off any small debts with a negative score against them. For example,  cable, electric, cell phone, etc. in exchange for a delete listing from your credit report.  These typically do not appear on your credit report, so they can be removed by payment. The negative listings from the original  banks that issued you the credit will be difficult to remove.  But, with a properly crafted letter you will be able to remove the negative listings of any junk debt buyers or collection agencies on your report.

You have the right under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to instruct them to stop all collection activities.  A federal court has ruled that negative credit listings constitute collection activity. Hence, their bad marks will come off your credit report with your letter.

In my opinion all credit repair companies should tell you credit repair starts with letter writing to debt collectors and collection attorneys. They do not.  Instead they try to get paid for what you could easily do yourself. You will be surprised how much you can do yourself (with some guidance from someone like me) without resorting to any repair or bankruptcy services or credit card debt relief program.

If you have been exposed to credit repair organizations, here is an attorney who specializes in credit repair and reporting disputes explaining the pitfalls of credit repair organizations.

Finding credit card debt relief is a learning experience. You are welcome to read my other posts and pages.

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