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Website Disclosure

This website was designed to give consumers who are struggling with credit card debt, a low cost alternative to debt settlement.  Debt settlement is a good choice for some people, but consumers need choices. Especially those people who are stressing their way through a financial crisis.

Unfortunately, desperate people are often taken advantage of and fall prey to scams, sinking further into debt and scared to commit to other programs that might truly help. I have been in this situation myself and wasted my valuable time and money.

To keep others from falling into this same trap, and drawing on my experience of trial and error, I believe I have  developed the most cost effective route to getting out of credit card debt there is. Throughout my research, I have gained experience with many programs, products, and services. As a consequence, I have picked the best and most effective resources to add to my blog because I believe they would be beneficial to my family, friends, and others who are having financial difficulty.

While I investigated these resources, I found that paying more money did not guarantee better results. Therefore, I have handpicked the best options and now want to share those with you. In some cases, the reputable programs I suggest have offered me an opportunity to take part in an affiliate program. This means if you click on a product that I have recommended, I may, in some instances, be given a commission.

Regardless of the commission, I stand behind my recommendations as being the best strategy for getting out of credit card debt. If you have any problems with the products or services that I have linked to this site, please do not hesitate to contact me with your situation.

My contact email is: mel (at) creditsabre (dot) com