Educate Yourself about Unaffordable Credit Card Bank Debt and Eliminate Your Fears

If you have credit card debt you cannot afford to pay, you need to educate yourself.  Then you will realize your hopeless feelings were an emotional response to your fear of the unknown consequences of your inability to pay your credit card debt.  My name is Mel Thompson.  I overcame those feelings and learned how to escape $63,000 in credit card debt I could not afford to pay.

You need to learn how to deal with the original creditor credit card banks, credit card debt scams, debt collectors, collection attorneys and junk debt buyers.

Do not keep your head in the sand out of hopelessness.  There is no need to.

You can learn the true nature of collecting unsecured credit card debt.  Debt collectors are powerless. They work on commission. They tell scary lies over the telephone to get you to part with money you do not have.

Here is an experienced Alabama attorney giving examples of debt collectors’ illegal threats. 

They will tell you a credit card debt summons is coming your way and you had better make a payment TODAY.  But if that was actually true, they would not get paid.  Only the collection attorney would get paid.

Did you know over 90 percent of people served with a credit card debt summons do not respond and end up defaulting and getting a judgment against them?  If they only knew the real facts!

The reality is the credit card banks and junk debt buyers have difficulty documenting credit card debt to court standards.  Affidavits supporting documents are bogus or missing.  There is never a full accounting of the alleged amount owed. But, most do not respond and raise these issues, so the banks and junk debt buyers have their way with most people.  More and more attorneys are aware of these facts and are willing the represent consumers who owe credit card debt for reasonable fees because they know they can defeat collection attorneys representing the credit card banks and junk debt buyers.

These facts are supported by articles in leading national publications like the New York Times and American Banker.  You can read my blog, find links to those articles and other related posts.  You can also use my program to learn the full story from many other sources and to end your feelings of hopelessness. Do not wait.  You can deal with your debt, if you get started now.

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