How To Eliminate Credit Card Debt Without Bankruptcy

If you have credit card debt you cannot afford to pay and you wish to eliminate it without bankruptcy, consider these actions.

  • Stop paying monthly credit cards bills you cannot afford to pay and focus on paying more important monthly necessities and
  • Learn more about the realities of credit card debt collection and how you can make non-payment work for you.
  • Do not engage in credit card debt settlement that saddles you with more payments and simply prolongs your financial stress and bad credit. Learn from my experience on how to eliminate credit card debt without bankruptcy.

How to Get Rid of Debt Legally Without Bankruptcy

How To Eliminate Credit Card Debt Without Bankruptcy

Eliminate Credit Card Debt Without Payment

While many financial advisers may try to fool you into thinking there is only a choice between bankruptcy or debt settlement; there is another option to get of debt legally.  Simply stop paying your unsecured credit card debt. Do not allow yourself to be misled into credit card debt bankruptcy or paying off credit card debt through consolidation. Bankruptcy should be your last resort. In reality, there is a big chance that you can eliminate your credit card debt without bankruptcy. You can handle debt collectors with the proper use of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Under the FDCPA you have the right to deny and dispute your debt, to demand documentation of your debt and to instruct debt collectors in writing to stop all collection activities. Denying and disputing a debt you owe is not a reflection on your character, it is simply a legal strategy to force debt collectors into properly documenting your debt. Never admit to the debt and do not get tricked into doing that by a collection attorney. Your deny-dispute-demand documentation letter serves as notice that you are going to be difficult to deal with. Debt collectors work on commission. They do not get paid until you pay them. So, would they rather work with legally-difficult people who know what they are doing, or with other consumers willing to ignorantly submit to their demands? They will go where the money is, while you get rid of your debt.

Collection Attorneys  Are Considered Debt Collectors by the FDCPA

But, you ask, what about the eventual credit card lawsuit? Collection attorneys are just like debt collectors. They follow the money. The FDCPA considers them debt collectors first, attorneys second. They must respond to your debt validation letter. The right letter tells them what documents they will have to produce should they initiate a credit card lawsuit against you. In my case, two collection attorneys for debts totaling over $30,000 stopped contacting me after receiving my letters sent CMRRR. (Over the years I have developed and improved my debt documentation letters to do what other debt validation letters ignorantly do not do, and to give collection attorneys good reason not to sue you.)

Eliminate Credit Card Debt Without Payment

If the collection attorney is representing a junk debt buyer, they will have difficulty producing documents (an original contract and an accounting for the alleged amount owed) from the original creditor. If the collection attorney is representing the original credit card bank, they too will have difficulty producing proper documentation supported by a signed affidavit from an employee with personal knowledge of the alleged account. Apparently, it is just too much work for the bank to properly document defaulted credit card debt. In many cases, an informed answer to a credit card debt summons demanding documentation is enough to make the collection attorney drop the case.

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  1. raja says

    i owe 6000 dollars credit card debt and unable to pay it how come i can get out of it legally without bankruptcy as one year remaining in my citizenship.

    • says

      You need to understand how you can legally resist debt collectors even though you do owe the debt. Read my posts on this site and get my books. They come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

      • Kate says

        Wondering if I go this route, following your instructions in the book, will it show on my credit score still all the nonpayments and negative info? And then I will have to wait 7 years for that to fall off? Thank you.

        • says

          Yes, it will show on your credit reports, as it did on mine. But, my ongoing and timely mortgage, home equity and car payments offset those negative reports, So I was able to get a car loan from a major auto manufacturer 30 months later.

        • says

          Yes, it will show on your credit scores. But, what really trashes your credit is all the repeat negative listngs from
          the debt collectors and junk debt buyers who have contacted about the same delinquent credit card account. I show you how to get those negative listings removed weith the same dispute letter.

  2. karen dickens says

    I read the info on this website….we contacted an atty regarding bankruptcy & was told we did not qualify due to husband’s pension $5231 per month after deductions was too high for our area of yoncalla, OR……we have no alternative to our dire credit card debt situation, but to only submit $50 a month to both Discover cards, as are continuing to experience hardships. I do not want them to garnish husband’s pension. Can they garnish that??

    • says

      They cannot do anything to you without getting a judgment. That means they must serve you with a summons. 90 percent of people who owe do not answer those summons. But, they should. Credit card companies have a great deal of difficulty documenting credit card debt to court standards. Chase Bank has been penalized for over $200 million for providing false affidavits in support of their credit card debt lawsuits. Read my books (They come with a 60-day money backguarantee.). You need to educated yourself about the realities of credit card debt. And, talk to a consumer rights attorney, not a bankruptcy attorney. Attorneys who do not understand consumer debt recommend bankruptcy because they know they can make money if you file bankruptcy with them.

  3. Rafika Woods says

    Hello I need to erase my credit legally without bankruptcy cuz and yes I’ve got $$$$ for my Bankruptcy Attorney But I need to get rid of these bills asap.Thanks,Rafika

  4. Amber says

    I have credit card debt and the sheriffs office has been by to try and serve papers. How do I get them to stop coming?

  5. Sylvia castro says

    I am 83 suffering with cancer. Had to close my business. Have no assets or cash in bank. Only social security.i rent my apartment. I have credit card debt which I used only to maintain my business. I owe about 20,000 dollars. No way to pay. Do I need a lawyer or just stop paying. In the past I have always paid on time and much more than minimum payment

    • says

      Sylvia, I am not an attorney. You should talk to a consumer rights attorney who handles credit card cases in court. In the mean time if you cannot pay, then do not sacrifice monthly essentials for credit card debt payments. Check your email for a message from me.

  6. Kim says

    Thanks for the info, i have about $10,000-$15,000 in credit card debt. I read somewhere that the creditors only have so many years depending on the state to sue you. I believe Texas it was 3 or 5 years to sue and they only have one shot to do so. If I stop making minimum payments all together and that timeframe passes for them to sue, does the debt just fall off my credit report, or does it at least drop off my credit report after 7 years of me not paying? I just want to know how to start over with my credit if I’m not able to pay the debt I have today?

  7. Glenda Gonzalez says

    Hello Iam owe about $30,000 in credit car debt..I really need to get rid of this debt with iut bankruptcy..I cant afford to pay back debt I can afford less to hire an attorney can you please lead me a better way out these debt Iam a single mother witb 4 kids living ina low income budget..I nees out asap.

  8. shirley mcwilliams says

    I’m 70 yrs old and am behind in my credit card debt I live only on a social security income 786 a month what should I do if I am sued if I am served should I appear. Should I try to talk to them and see if they will desolve the debt

  9. Melissa says

    I am disabled divorced single mother that does not receive child support. I owe $10000 in credit cards that I can not pay. On the credit cards they have my name spelled wrong. Would this error help me with avoiding paying? Thank you.

    • says

      No, you need a better strategy than that. Unfortunately I cannot explain how to successfully defeat debt collectors and collection attorneys in 30 words. Debt collectors are powerless. You should read my three ebooks. They come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Do not let debt collectors intimidate you into paying anything to them. Tell them you do not talk about your personal finances over the telephone with strangers and to put their claim on you in writing. Then respond to that claim with my letter.

  10. rich zane says

    I am 74 years old and recently lost a part time position and my business, RBZane Advisory Group, is not generating any income due to a relocation from Ca. to NJ a while ago. I currently have an unsecured business credit card and credit line and debt of almost $49,000 with B of A. which I can no longer pay due to a number of reasons—health problems; no earnings and retirement fund mismanagement (I’m suing the company). I no longer own a home; all remaining assets are in retirement or trust accounts that are also funding retirement.

    I have social security and retirement funds but they are required to live on for the remainder of our lives; my wife is 73 has never worked. I’d like to understand how “judgement proof” I am and whether I should hire a lawyer or go it alone? I am current in the account only because I have borrowed additional $ from the account to pay the past 5 months; but now have no more credit to continue and will not be able to make a payment next month. I would be able to borrow from outside sources to pay a lump sum settlement; but as long as I’m current B of A has no interest in doing this and with a 5 ¾ interest rate; there is no way they will help, I’ve tried.

    I would appreciate a brief discussion with you or one of your associates as soon as possible. I’m getting pretty desperate. I can be reached at 925- 963-7502, my cell, at any time. I look forward to talking with you asap. Thanks and best wishes, Rich Zane

    • says

      Rich, Like everyone else, your goal is to achieve control and peace in dealing with the threat of a credit card debt lawsuit and possible judgment against you. Right now there are a lot of things that you do not know. So, to get control of your situation, you need to educate yourself. There are three stages to a credit card debt lawsuit problem. First, there is the very real possibility of preventing it without paying the debt. You should read my ebooks and talk to me on the phone to understand how that can work for you. For further piece of mind, you should line up a qualified consumer rights attorney, who will tell you the same the thing my books tell you — that if you insist on proper documentation the creditor cannot provide any. And last, you should talk to an elder rights attorney who can advise you on whether or not you are judgment proof. Is your retirement money protected? My piece of this is only $97 and that comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Click on Get Help Now! on the main masthead menu. Mel

  11. Tammy Jean says

    Although my debt isn’t cc debt, it is credit debt. PayPal and Amazon. Needed to purchase gifts last Christmas, had employment to cover. Was let go after first of year, and am now jobless. Single mom with no income. How do I manage to pay or eliminate approx $2000 (increased due to finance chg and late fees) without income? What I do get in child support barely covers living expenses.

  12. Sasha L says

    How do I prevent the companies of maxing out on the interest rates and fees for non payment ? My husband is incarcerated and he has two cards in his name. I can’t afford 800 min payment. Please please help.

    • says

      You could try calling the credit card banks, explaining your situation and asking for reduced interest and reduced monthly payments. That is if you can afford to pay anything. Otherwise, don’t bother and focus on more important expenses–food, shelter, clothing, transportation, medical and so forth. I do not think they can get a judgment against your husband while he is in jail. But you should check that out!

      • Sasha says

        Thank you. I will be getting your packet so I can respond appropriately. Even just until I get mine down. It’s 800 min payment. And they won’t budge about lowering the interest. The one card put it down to 300 for one card but o my for six months. It’s still too high. I can’t file chapt 7 because of the equity in my home. If I could I would have done that. I’m in such a terrible situation with no way out.

  13. Liet Tran says

    Can you help me? I owed credit card $28k but it’s was not my charge, the charge was for a friend’s daughter to pay her state board taxes but she never made a payment to me to pay my credit card. What can I do to not pay this and credit card company have already pass this charge to an attorney and they have sent me letter to pay it. Can you help me and how much is your service?

  14. Dirk says

    What if I already recently started a debt consolidation program, and have paid the first note? Can I still go the route you are explaining?

    • says

      Yes, you can. And, if you cannot afford to pay the debt consolidation payments, then stop them.
      If you cannot afford to pay your credit cards, then you probably cannot afford to pay for debt consolidation.

  15. Tricia says

    I have $38000 in credit card debt. I dont have any income. I’m a stay home mom with 4 kids. What the worst that can happen if I stop paying my credit card. Thank you

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