Immediate Help For Senior Citizens with Credit Card Debt

Are you retired and trying to live on a fixed income? Or, will you soon be?  Do you have credit card debt you cannot afford to pay?
Are you being intimidated by debt collectors?
Are you worried about a credit card lawsuit?
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I had the same problem.

Hi, My name is Mel Thompson. I had $63,000 in credit card debt I could not afford to pay. A recent divorce and a faltering business had put me in the hole.

I quickly realized I could not keep up with the payments. I, then, wisely refused to continue making debt payments to focus on paying for monthly essentials.

Being close to retirement and a fixed income, I realized my best option was to stop paying those unsecured credit card debts.

But then, rather than stick my head in the sand and wait for the collection letters and phone calls, and perhaps an eventual court summons, I did a lot of reading and research online and eventually found a legal, effective way to resist debt collectors and collection attorneys and credit card banks.

I helped myself, and since then, I have helped many other older Americans help themselves.


First, Donâ??t Fall for Debt Relief Scams

Many people I have helped have first been victimized by credit relief scams like debt settlement or debt negotiation. They fell for the promise of debt relief. They were seduced into letting someone else handle their credit card debt problem for them.

They fell for lines line â??we are the professionals. We negotiate with credit card banks every day.â??

The easiest way to look at it is; if you cannot afford to pay your credit card debt, then you cannot afford to pay fifteen hundred dollars or more for credit card debt relief services on top of that debt.

Do Not Allow Debt Collectors to Control You

After you stop paying your credit cards, you cannot allow yourself to be intimidated by debt collector threats. The only power debt collectors have is to tell you scary lies. This credit card debt you cannot afford to pay is not a problem as bad as, say, skin cancer. It is more like getting rid of some warts. You must change your perception of debt collectors. I can show you why debt collectors and collection attorneys have no real power over you.

Be Willing to Educate Yourself about Your Credit Card Debt Problem

I have helped many people resist debt collectors and leave their credit card debt behind them because they were willing to educate themselves about their debt problem. My program is not for everyone.

  • You have to be willing to educate yourself
  • You have to act on what you have learned and
  • You have to confidently stand up to debt collectors and collection attorneys with the tools I give you.

The simple truth is debt collectors will stop pursuing you when they realize you are going to be harder to collect from than other less-educated consumers. They work on commission. They are interested in the quick returns.

I will show you how to communicate with debt collectors in writing to legally stop their collection activities against you.

The same is true for junk debt buyers and collection attorneys. Once you remind them in writing about what documents they need to produce in court to get a judgment against you, they will decide to focus on the other 90 percent of consumers who owe, but unlike you, do not legally resist them.

Here is Why My Information Will Work for You

Unfortunately no one spells this out for you truthfully all in one place. It took me months to put all the pieces together, and to learn from the mistakes I made communicating with debt collectors and collection attorneys along the way.

All of this information is out there, but I had to spend months curating it, sifting the true facts from the untrue, the rumors and the falsehoods.

Your key to being successful with the nonpayment of your credit card debt is understanding why it will work for you. I go to great lengths to explain this to you using credible sources like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau and the Fair Trade Commission . . . to give you confidence that what I am telling you is true.

Did you know that Chase Bank was fined over $200 million for generating false affidavits to win in court against indebted consumers? You can Google that for yourself.

The simple fact is banks and junk debt buyers cannot properly document your credit card debt. I show how and why.

Also, I am not an attorney, but part of what I show you is, how to find the right local, affordable consumer rights attorney to have in your hip pocket should you need them. Consumer rights attorneys make more money suing debt collectors. Their answer to a credit card debt summons is frequently enough to end the lawsuit.

According to the New York Times over 90 percent of consumers with older credit card debt do not answer a credit card debt summons.

Collection attorneys do not want to fight the ones that do answer, they much prefer to cash in on all the easy money offered by default judgments.

I tell you why you should avoid bankruptcy and bankruptcy attorneys. There is no reason why anyone with unsecured credit card debt should immediately file bankruptcy to solve their problem. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Telephone Collection Practices Act protect you before you sacrifice any money or control for court governed bankruptcy â??protectionâ??.

Here Is What Is in My Three ebooks

I have organized about one hundred 8 ½ X 11 pages of this content into three separate ebooks. Chapters in each book have links to source material.

Remember! This content is for your peace of mind. All this knowledge confirms why and how you can be successful at not paying what you cannot afford to pay. Believe me! If you have the right mindset you can successfully avoid paying what you cannot afford to pay.

10 Ste3D_001ps to Not Paying Your
Unaffordable Credit Card Debt

In this book I tell you about all the common mistakes to avoid and about the legal protections you can take advantage of.


5 Ways to Defeat Debt Collectors in 90 Days and Prevent a Lawsuit5 Ways to Defeat Debt Collectors in 90 Days
and Prevent Lawsuit

I explain how debt collectors, collection attorneys and junk debt buyers work to take your money. Then, I explain paragraph by paragraph my carefully researched and crafted letter for debt collectors and collection attorneys explained that worked so well for me and many other people.

How to Confidently Handle a Credit Card Lawsuit When the Debt Is Yours by Mel ThompsonHow to Confidently Handle a Credit Card
Lawsuit When the Debt Is Yours

In all likelihood you will not need this. But, every older person with long overdue credit card debt worries about a lawsuit. This content is for your peace of mind. Here is how court proceedings work for a credit card debt lawsuit. Here is what to avoid doing, as well as what you must do, if you do get a summons.

The debt relief industry is not interested in sharing this path to genuine debt relief with you because there is no money in it for them. In fact, my materials cost less than some pharmacy co-pays. I charge you just enough to make you take this seriously enough to learn it, to see the light, and to act on what you have learned to put your debt behind you. Just like I did.


60 days GuaranteeHere is your chance to avoid being victimized and to regain control of your finances and your peace of mind.
At this point, I hope you will ask yourself what I asked myself when I consciously began the process of nonpayment, â??If I cannot pay, Then in the worst case, what have I got to lose, if I do this?â??Buy all 3 books by Mel Thompson